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Hear What our Mountain Doodle Families
Have to Say. . .

Image by Olga Thelavart

"I absolutely love Mountain Home Doodles. I emailed them when I saw a picture of a puppy on Facebook and she was quick to reply. I asked so many questions about the puppies and the breed of dog and told her what I wanted in a puppy and she gave me exactly that! Not to mention she was fantastic when it came to working out the details. I am in the Military and got sent to training about the time I was talking to her about the puppy and she worked with me all the way through! She kept my mom in the loop while I was gone and when I got back she sent me updates of the puppies and coordinated a time for me to get him. Also, I fell in love with my sassy little pup who is my sidekick:) I highly recommend them!"

Emma L.

Image by Olga Thelavart

"People comment almost everyday about how beautiful Storm is. While on our morning walk today he had his picture taken by another walker. She stated her friend would like a Labradoodle but they were too big. Now she will know where to find a smaller one and how beautiful they are, well mannered and lovable. Storm is so full of life and loves living it where ever he may be."

Katie O.

Image by Olga Thelavart

"We had been discussing adding an Australian Labradoodle to our family for a year before we found the perfect breeder. We had such an amazing experience with Tori. She is kind, attentive to detail and quick to respond (to my many questions). Stella is the perfect dog and we couldn’t be any happier!"

Jenna G.

Image by Olga Thelavart
Image by Olga Thelavart

"I waited 9 months for True to come into our family. Now that she’s here, I can’t remember how life was without her. She is our joy-bringer and is well on her way to becoming an officially certified therapy dog. Everyone who meets her, loves her. Tori knew I was looking for a puppy who could meet the qualifications and love the job of being a therapy dog. True was not my first pick in the litter when they were born …. but I trusted Tori and all I can say now is “Thank you”! True is a lover of people and of other dogs. She is mellow, sweet, sensitive, brave and confident. Once she masters a task she owns it like a boss. We just graduated this past week from Canine Good Manners class! Now on to trail and field classes! I love this gorgeous, vocal, playful and funny girl beyond words. She is part of our family and I am so grateful I found Tori and Mountain Home Doodles! True came home already socialized to people and dogs, using a potty pad, and desensitized to lots of things most puppies are frightened of for a while. People stop us everywhere we go to ask about her and want to engage with her. From the tiniest human to elderly, she welcomes them all with a tail wag. She has already impacted so many people’s lives – her presence truly is therapeutic! I cannot say enough about this breed of dog and more importantly, MHD for breeding such excellent quality Australian labradoodles and giving them such a foundational first 8 weeks of life. I recommend highly!!! Thank you, Tori and all the people who helped make my dream into a reality! Can’t wait to see what True’s future holds." 
Love, True’s Mom

Erin S.

Image by Olga Thelavart

"I have so many great things to talk about Mountain Home Doodles. First of all, Tori is a phenomenal breeder. She patiently answered to all of the excessive amount of questions I had. She’s very knowledgeable and cares tremendously for her puppies. This really shows when you see one of her puppies. Second and most important thing is that she breeds the best dogs. Everyone comments on how well behave my puppy is. I am astounded as to how accurately Tori was when choosing a puppy for me. Chloe is my perfect puppy. I still can’t believe how good she is. I wanted a puppy that is independent, calm, even tempered, and confident, and that’s exactly what I got. Chloe is super calm at home. She will play by herself or sleep. She can also be ready to play at any moment. She loves to go outside and play with her doggie friends. She’s very good at learning what to do with different equipment in her agility class because she’s not afraid of them. She’s smart, gentle, and very sweet. I cannot ask for a better puppy. Tori is here every step of the way from the moment I inquired about her puppies to now, almost 6 months after taking Chloe home. She’s always happy to answer any of my concern and provide resources for me to learn more. I highly recommend Mountain Home Doodles!"

Ariel H.

Image by Olga Thelavart

"We have admired these sweet pups for years! Tori worked hard with our family to place us with the sweetest pup! Highly recommend these amazing temperament, smart, loving and cuddly Doods and the Doodette (Tori) behind it all!"

Kaila B.

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