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Image by Olga Thelavart
blue eyes on a tuxedo labradoodle puppy
this labradoodle is all smiles lying on his back in the grass
mini labradoodle sitting in the grass on a sunny day

About Our
Guardian Program

Here at Mountain Home doodles, our breeding program is designed around placing our breeding dogs in guardian homes with their own forever families. Our program is designed this way to benefit everyone involved: the dog, the breeder, and the forever family. We are not a kennel breeder and believe every dog deserves a loving family they can call their own! 

Our guardian homes afford local families an opportunity to have a top quality “pick of the litter puppy” for a family pet without all the expense.  

We do NOT charge for our guardian dogs, however, there are some requirements and responsibilities.

  • You must live within 1 hour of Cashmere, WA or Zillah, WA   

  • It is necessary that you own your own home.

  • You must have physical fencing to provide a safe and secure environment for the guardian dog/puppy.

  • You need to have a schedule that does not leave the dog home alone for extended periods of time. Our preference is that someone is home for most of the day. A stay at home parent, retired couple, or even someone who works from home or can take pup to work with them are a great fit.

  • You are required to follow our feeding guidelines and use our required groomers while the dog remains a part of our breeding program.

  • Our guardian home families are required to follow our well laid out and specific protocols for the general routine veterinary care and wellness of the guardian puppy/dog that is placed with them. This includes vaccines, training, regular exercise and socialization, and most importantly an abundance of love and attention! (Mountain Home Doodles pays for all breeding related expenses!!)

  • We require socialization and obedience classes to start no later than 12 weeks of age and for those obedience classes to continue up through Canine Good Citizen, we give "thank you" incentive for earning the Canine Good Citizen Certificate.


​Mountain Home Doodles, LLC retains the ownership and breeding rights while the dog lives with its forever family, once retired from the breeding program Mountain Home Doodles, LLC pays for spay/neuter and ownership is fully signed over to the guardian family. After passing pre-breeding testing, the females begin their breeding career and come back to us about a week before her due date to whelp each litter of puppies. She will return to her guardian once her puppies are weaned, usually about 6 weeks after whelping. Our breeding females usually have 3 litters and are in the guardian home program until they are around 3-4 years old. For the males, the dog will have to be available to us for breeding at certain times of the year. He will either visit us for a short time of the day or we may need to keep him here for just a few days, males are in the guardian home program until they are around 4-5 years old. Transfer of ownership will happen once the dog has finished her/his breeding career and been spayed or neutered at our expense. 

​In our experience this is a positive relationship for all! Our guardian families enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program, and seeing the puppies of their very own guardian dog bring happiness to other families and our breeding dogs live in their forever homes for their lifetime where they are part of their forever families!!

We look forward to working with some wonderful families through the Guardian Home process! 


We are retaining potential breeding dogs from our current and upcoming litters and seeking Guardian homes! Please fill out our Guardian Application.



How to Apply

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