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What Should I Feed My Puppy?


As a breeder who takes the health of our dogs very seriously, we actively researched different types of dog food and always keep our eyes open to new or improved nutritious foods that are available.

Here at Mountain Home Doodles, it is important to us that your dogs eat high quality food that is sourced from the US and ethically processed. We have chosen to feed all of our dogs, from weaning through adult, PawTree foods. PawTree foods are a better way to care for your Mountain Home Doodle puppy, a source for quality food, treats and supplements that are made with only the finest ingredients and are batch tested before bagging to ensure your puppy will never eat contaminated food that make him sick or later gets recalled. Our puppies are part of our families and we want them to have the absolute best.

Be sure to set up your pet profile to include your puppy’s name and photo for custom bagged food for your puppy. We recommend mixing the Chicken with Sweet Potato, the Lamb and the Salmon flavors together, as this is how your pups have been fed here in our home. We recommend setting up auto-ship for a 10-pound bag of each of these flavors, scheduled for delivery every 6 weeks (this can easily be adjusted if you find you need your food replenished sooner or later). Probiotics are also important for young and old dogs; we add the GI probiotic to their food once daily and the puppies absolutely love the salmon bites. Add one more item like a cute toy and you will get free shipping! (food, probiotics, salmon bites and a toy every 6 weeks!) Take advantage of the different flavor options to keep your puppy from getting bored with his food.



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